We all know the country is in trouble. Freedom is in trouble. Our rights to free speech have already been denied across the board. Our free press has been compromised. These things are all true.

China and Russia are threatening WWIII in the short time we have before the 2024 election, while America continues to have weak leadership. Trump and DeSantis need to team up and become the unbeatable duo in 2024, creating a partnership with the geopolitical acumen and guts it’s going to take to save the world. This is the globalists biggest fear. Setting up DeSantis for an 8-year run after Trump to bring this world around.

George Soros is committing BILLIONS to keep them both from the White House. That should tell us all something right there. The only movement that can stop him is a coalescence of the American voter. All Americans want is a job at a decent wage to live in prosperity with their families, and an end to being sacrificial lambs in America’s globalist offshoring ventures and foreign wars. Diversity on any level is a good thing. One world government is not. Diversity of races, of countries, of cultures, even in a mutual fund is always the wiser choice. The rich threads of a beautiful fabric.

If you think WWIII is not possible, ask yourself this:  Did you ever think you would live to see a virus, released by powerful evil doers, spreading across the globe within weeks? That’s something out of a Bond movie. But it happened. Then discovering that the evil doers had implanted co-conspirators throughout the world economic powers that be, including top officials in the WHO, IMF, CIA, FBI and the United States government? That is a proven fact. Are we going to win or lose? A long, long fight is ahead.

Believe me, I want to forget all about the state of the world, and what’s on the news and just go my merry way and focus on my next vacation. But I can’t. It would be a desperate attempt to ignore the inevitable, which is what we have been doing for quite some time. We have had peace and prosperity in our homeland for 80 years, and now the American generations who have not lived through the realities of real war have been caught with their eyes closed.

We did it once before. Ordinary people, farmers for God’s sake, defeated the mightiest military on the face of the earth, the British Army and Navy in 1776, and the crushing hammer of Nazism twice. We can do it again, using our hearts and minds while having God on our side.

Don’t expect all to be right in the world without sacrificing your time and effort. It just won’t happen.