What is the New World Order?

What is the New World Order?

by Rhonda Kanet Chambless

What is the New World Order? Most have heard the phrase but I believe a majority of do not know its true meaning . . . or how this direction would affect them.  “The Great Reset”, better known as The New World Order, has been in the making for years by global elitists who have more money than most governments. And with that enormous wealth, many times comes entitlement and a pseudo sense of “we know what is best for everyone and we should determine how people should live for the good of earth”.  Craving to control the world is not new in history as many dictators, kings and rulers have proven, but that behavior was greatly diminished 250 years ago when the United States declared independence from such kingships and began a movement of democracy never before seen on earth. People of the world streamed into the USA, craving to be free at whatever risk. The freedom of common people was realized and this beacon of light soon radiated worldwide. The “West” as the free world became to be known, was here to stay.

As a result, anyone could now make their mark and become successful but by no means was that the end of power-hungry minds. After 200 or so years of success and prosperity in these young democracies, a few of the super-wealthy decided this “everyone has a right to live according to their will” was not the best thing for the average population. They needed guidance and policies orchestrated by those more highly educated . . . for the good of all.  And the Great Reset philosophy was born and The New World Order dream came onto the scene.

This international group of experts, who also happened to be those that amassed fortunes as capitalists, needed to now take care of us all, enlightening us on how we should live, treat others, and pool our monies earned to make everyone equal – except them.

The radical changes demanded by these progressives in the form of immediate fossil fuel regulations, the media that we are exposed to, green energy policies, etc., never seem to apply to “them” with their mansions surrounded by walls and corporate jets drinking fuel.

This philosophy is not going to work, as once people have tasted freedom and liberty, there is no going back. But overcoming this movement is going to be harder and take longer than any fight the current American has been exposed to. So get ready, stay informed and keep the faith. Our next election in November 2022 is only the beginning of a long battle. But we will win.