Free World’s Biggest Threat

Free World’s Biggest Threat

To wall or not to wall”  is one of the carrots used by most media on a steady basis, to whip up anxiety and divide the country. It is a visible, easy to understand entity and I agree an important decision which will affect the future of the United States.  Illegal immigration is out of control, and as an Arizonan, I see it every day in real life.  There are bad people taking advantage of poor people in Central America and making billions by peddling drugs to us. It’s that simple. Any civic minded American understands this. And we will figure it out. But, believe it or not, what kind of “wall” we build” is not nearly our most serious problem.  China is.

The president is confronting the predatory Chinese, who through theft, intimidation and cyber-hacking have degraded America’s growth while boosting their own over the past two decades. China’s leaders have continually circumvented the trade rules of the WTO (World Trade Organization) and as a result have become a world economic power as our population focuses on whatever shinny object is dangled in front of it. China’s Internet police and communist ideology continue to squelch dissent of its people and consolidate power to forge ahead in its quest to become “the world force”.

Most all American media, in its ever-constant march to present the sensational “tweets”, the childish haggling by politicians of all sides and the water-cooler-two-sentence subjects that anyone can have an opinion on, feed the hardworking overwhelmed American public 24/7.  The mainstream media just isn’t going to prioritize the subject of Chinese aggression due to its now prejudice political agenda. How irresponsible.

To be informed as to how tremendously critical it is for the US to negotiate a fair trade agreement with China, demands one research and study the implications themselves, and unfortunately that takes time that the average person just doesn’t have.  So here is why you should care in a one minute read:

-China intentionally drives down the value of their currency, making their products far cheaper for American consumers.  This is against WTO rules and in the long run guts our economy in ways that are hard to see.

-Due to the exploitation of its people and cheap labor, especially in the manufacturing of textiles, fair competition is impossible.  This lack of moral behavior flies in the face of American values and the WTO standards which all partners are to abide by. Our media should be outraged.

-China forces US companies to give up trade secrets to gain access to their markets.  Again, an unfair market practice which has not been addressed by former US presidents of both parties this century.

-China’s “cyber-hacking” literally steals American intellectual capital and is raping our technological advancements for China’s own gain.

-the current US trade deficit with China is $413 Billion and growing…

Moreover, China has used the ill-gotten gains to challenge the U.S. military by building small armed islands along world trade routes in the South China Sea and develop a host of modern weapons, such as killer satellites.

The President of the United States is fighting for a new era of fair and balanced trade and has the foresight to understand that the current trends can only end badly for America and the free world. The Chinese do not have a good track record of honest cooperation, so I encourage all Americans to pay attention to the pressure being applied to China and understand the great value of this endeavor, no matter who is leading it or your political preference. China is very pragmatic, not idealistic. Chinese leadership closely watches the temperament of the American public and uses it to influence their decisions.

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